Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A few more.

Hello Ladies,
Firstly hello to more followers. Such a lovely feelings knowing that you all want to see what we have to offer. and you are in luck! We've been super busy at Pretty Cherished Towers So here are a few MORE NEW LINES. Currently the items of what you see are only avalible. But soon there will be more :)
You know the drill, leave a comment if you want to purchase an item.

Peg Earings, avalible in Green, Purple, Yellow and Orange.
Set on a sterling silver ear post.

Flutterby Earings.
This cute little number is set on a silver hook with a silver plated butterfly charm.

Flutterby Necklace.
This gorgeous number is set on an 18inch silver plated chain.

Orange Gingham heart earings.
Set on silver hooks cute as anything.

Feel free to comment below if you would like one, alternatively, you can email your order to us at

Much love,

Pretty Cherished

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